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Air Sampling Services

Disturbance or Improper Removal of Materials

Many clients become concerned that asbestos fibers or dust may be present in their buildings or homes.  This dust may be a result of damage to asbestos-containing materials, residual fibers left behind from an improperly conducted abatement project, or created by remodeling or demolition work.  When necessary, Keystone can perform asbestos air sampling to identify if a release of fibers has occurred and determine the extent of contamination. 

Post-Abatement Clearance Testing
and Monitoring

Air Clearance Testing consists of two elements. The first step is a visual inspection to look for any visible evidence of debris such as shown at left after an ACM has been removed. The second is to collect air samples to demonstrate that the asbestos has been satisfactorily removed and no residual contamination remains in the area of abatement. The air samples are analyzed onsite by a certified technician and documented in a report. Keystone also provides monitoring services for abatement workers during removal activities to ensure that they have not exceeded regulatory exposure limits.

Example of disturbed piping material


Example of air samples being analyzed

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