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Asbestos Inspection

Asbestos identification and subsequent treatment is a serious concern for building and homeowners.  Failure to follow local, state, and federal regulations can result in fines and work stoppage, which can prove costly and time consuming. All commercial demolition/renovation projects are required by DNR regulations to be inspected/ for asbestos containing materials prior to the initiation of work. Keystone's state certified inspectors provide professional services relating to:

  • Residential Inspections

  • Commercial Inspections

  • Renovation/Demolition Inspections

  • Post-Fire Inspections

  • NIOSH 582 Equivalent Air Sampling (background sampling, air monitoring during abatement, clearance testing post-abatement)

Our inspectors are fully licensed in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan


Items provided with your Asbestos Inspection Report include:

  • A record of locations sampled

  • A record of the condition of the item in each area

  • Advice regarding its management

  • Photographic information

  • Lab analysis reports

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