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Real Estate Purchases

Buying a new home or building is a big step. Make sure to save money in the future by having your potential new home inspected for unseen or unnoticed environmental factors. Mold air testing can provide insight regarding the air quality in a home or building.


Let's face it: no matter how great a piece of property looks, there could be issues that lie beneath the surface and a valuable mold assessment is an important purchase. Keystone can screen homes and buildings for the presence of mold-friendly conditions and provide quantitative results demonstrating the good, or poor, air quality inside a structure.

Air Quality Concerns

Whether you are regularly feeling ill, can see physical mold growth, are concerned about your children, recently had water damage, or have started to notice a strange odor/smell in your home or business, we can help you determine if mold is a problem.  If you are aware of a mold problem and are planning to hire a mold-remediation contractor to perform the removal, you should strongly consider air sampling after the removal to guarantee the work was performed correctly. For more information on mold clearance testing, click below.

All samples are sent to an accredited AIHA laboratory that is certified to perform the level of analysis required to determine the concentration and species of any airborne spores.


Mold can be found in a variety of locations inside a structure

Each Keystone Environmental Mold Assessment involves a comprehensive review of the issue at hand, including:

  • Full Visual Inspection of Entire Property

  • Identification of Red Flag Areas (Excess Moisture, Water Intrusion, Visible Mold Growth)

  • Mold Air Samples To Determine Indoor Mold Spore Concentrations

  • Additional Air or Surface Sampling (Optional)

  • Lab Results from AIHA Accredited Laboratory

  • Full Written Report


Mold growth hidden behind tile in shower

Mold growth hidden behind drywall panel

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